Nicole Durrett LMT attended Tri-State College of Massotherapy from September 2005-March 2007 and have been licensed through the Ohio State Medical Board since June of 2007. I am also certified in Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage. I love doing what I do, just knowing I have helped someone feel better and be able to go about their day functioning better is a very rewarding feeling and a great reminder that I chose the right profession.                                  

Patty Dally LMT Graduated from the Youngstown College of Massotherapy and was licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board in 1999. In 2000 I received my certificate in Reiki and have been practicing massage and Reiki for 17 years. I can honestly say I love my job and to love one’s job is a wonderful gift! It always amazes me to see the transformation that takes place in each individual after they receive a massage, the more fluid movement and that sparkle in the eyes. I attended a wonderful school and some very informative seminars, but I have to say my greatest teachers have been my clients. I learn something new from each and every individual. That is invaluable to my profession! And for that I am grateful.         

Joshua Belcher LMT Is a Licensed Massage Therapist with the State Medical Board of Ohio. He attended Raphael's School of Beauty in 2015 for one year where he completed 900 hours of  massage therapy training and 60 hours of massage in student clinicals. Joshua is caring and motivated to help others overcome body weakness. He specializes in deep tissue, relaxation/Swedish, hot stone, and therapeutic massages. Joshua loves being a massage therapist because of the rewarding feeling he gets after  a client leaves feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Allen Wertenbach, LMT,  has lived in Hubbard most of  his life. He competed for over ten years as a body builder. In 1995, he went to the National Institute of Massage Therapy in Akron, Ohio. Allen has been a massage therapist for 20 years, working in big cities for most of them. Allen hoped to finish his career in the town he grew up in, working with people and healing their stresses. He specializes in sport, deep tissue, therapeutic, hot stone, and relaxation massages. 

Trina Jones, LMT, has been practicing massage therapy since receiving her license in 2000 from Youngstown College of Massotherapy. She performs various modalities of massage but specializes in therapeutic. Trina has worked with chiropractors and has taken referrals from medical doctors. She loves to work with specific injuries and chronic issues and enjoys seeing the relief patients feel after a session. While deep-tissue and therapeutic massages are her passion, she is also certified in reflexology and trigger-point therapy. Trina also likes to incorporate a bit of Swedish massage into the deep-tissue sessions for a relaxing, beneficial treatment 

Trina has lived in Hubbard almost her entire life along with her husband where they have raised three children. She is active in the community and tries to give back any chance she gets. She volunteers for the Hubbard football team doing pre-event massage and post-event recovery.  

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Amy Aurandt LMT attended the Youngstown College of Massotherapy and graduated in March 1999, I became licensed by th Ohio State Medical Board in July 1999 and have been practicing massage therapy for 20 years. I love what I do and I am fortunate in my profession to work with many wonderful people and I am inspired to always learn something new. I


specialize in Swedish (relaxation), Therapeutic, Maternity, and Hot Stone Massage. I am currently working towards certification in other modalities, including Manual Lymphatic Drainage, to incorporate into my practice.

I enjoy spending my leisure time being active with my husband and daughters and going on adventures.

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